Shaka Player integration

This guide will help you integrate Shaka Player with to stream video content. Shaka Player is a free, open-source media player that plays adaptive media formats such as DASH and HLS. is a content delivery network (CDN) service that provides fast and secure video delivery.



This guide provides a basic setup for integrating Shaka Player with For advanced configurations and customizations, refer to the Shaka Player documentation.

What you'll need

Before you dive in, make sure you have the following prerequisites in place:

HTML setup

First, create an HTML file and add a element where the Shaka Player will attach. Include the Shaka Player library in your HTML file.

 <video id="video"
           controls autoplay></video>
<script src=[email protected]/dist/shaka-player.compiled.debug.js></script>

JavaScript setup

To integrate Widevine with Shaka Player, add the following code snippet after initializing the Shaka Player. This configuration includes fetching the certificate and configuring the license server URL :

First, we setup the variables to set streamApi endpoint, library, and video information:

const streamApiHostName="";
const libraryId=249011;
const videoId="b98c3c67-402c-4471-9a9e-7fb2a1917ea8";
const storageZoneId="vz-b63efbcf-f92";
const storageDomain="";

From the variables above, the actual URL to media file is constructed:

const manifestUri =`https://${storageZoneId}.${storageDomain}/${videoId}/playlist.m3u8`;

If theLightslibrary has Enterprise DRM configured, prepare a Fairplay certificate, license URLsโ€™, and the Widevine license URL:

const fpCertificateUri=`${streamApiHostName}/FairPlay/${libraryId}/certificate`;
const fpLicenseUri=`${streamApiHostName}/FairPlay/${libraryId}/license/?videoId=${videoId}`;
const wvLicenseUri=`${streamApiHostName}/WidevineLicense/${libraryId}/${videoId}`;

Next, perform the application initialization based on official Shaka Player documentation:

async function initApp() {
  // Install built-in polyfills to patch browser incompatibilities.

  // Check to see if the browser supports the basic APIs Shaka needs.
  if (shaka.Player.isBrowserSupported()) {
    // Everything looks good!
  } else {
    // This browser does not have the minimum set of APIs we need.
    console.error('Browser not supported!');

Initialization of the player is implemented in the initPlayer function. The segments that are related to DRM are only needed if Enterprise DRM is enabled on the video library:

async function initPlayer() {
  // Create a player instance.
  const video = document.getElementById('video');
  const player = new shaka.Player();
	// If Library has Enterprise DRM enabled we also configure Widevine and Fairplay license URLs
  drm: {
    servers: {
      'com.widevine.alpha': wvLicenseUri,
      '': fpLicenseUri

// For Fairplay, we have to manually configure the Fairplay server certificate uri. For Widevine that is automatically handled by Shaka Player.
  video.addEventListener("error", (event) => {
	  // Attach Shaka Player to html element
    await player.attach(video);

  // Attach player to the window to make it easy to access in the JS console.
  window.player = player;

  // Listen for error events.
  player.addEventListener('error', onErrorEvent);

  // Try to load a manifest.
  // This is an asynchronous process.
  try {
    await player.load(manifestUri);
    // This runs if the asynchronous load is successful.
    console.log('The video has now been loaded!');
  } catch (e) {
    // onError is executed if the asynchronous load fails.

function onErrorEvent(event) {
  // Extract the shaka.util.Error object from the event.

function onError(error) {
  // Log the error.
  console.error('Error code', error.code, 'object', error);

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', initApp);

Need help or encountering issues?

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