Accessing your Edge Storage zone using FTP

Our Edge Storage platform offers direct FTP connectivity into the storage zone, allowing the ease of management of files hosted in the zone.

Connection Settings

Your exact connection details will be defined under the 'FTP & API Access' tab of your storage zone in the Bunny control panel, however our standard connection settings are:

HostnameUsernamePasswordConnection TypePort
storage.bunnycdn.comStorage Zone NameAutomatically generated, provided in the 'FTP & API Access' tabPassive21


Common Errors

ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server: Returned by the FTP server when an invalid port has been entered, please verify you are connecting via port 21.

331 Username ok, need password: This error means that your connection password is incorrect, please verify your password from the 'FTP & API Access' tab of the Storage Zone area of the Bunny control panel before reconnecting.