API Overview

Edge Storage


Learn how to use the bunny.net Edge Storage API. It allows you to easily upload, download and delete files with just a few lines of code.

API libraries:

These libraries allow quick integration for bunny.net Edge Storage.


Please note that the Unofficial third-party clients are not maintained or developed by bunny.net. We are unable to offer support for them or confirm the security of these libraries.

Storage Endpoints:

The storage API endpoint depends on the primary storage region of your storage zone. You can also find this in the FTP & HTTP API Information of your storage zone.

  • Falkenstein, DE: storage.bunnycdn.com
  • London, UK: uk.storage.bunnycdn.com
  • New York, US: ny.storage.bunnycdn.com
  • Los Angeles, US: la.storage.bunnycdn.com
  • Singapore, SG: sg.storage.bunnycdn.com
  • Stockholm, SE: se.storage.bunnycdn.com
  • São Paulo, BR: br.storage.bunnycdn.com
  • Johannesburg, SA: jh.storage.bunnycdn.com
  • Sydney, SYD: syd.storage.bunnycdn.com


Header name: AccessKey

The storage zone password also serves as your API key. You can find it on the FTP & API Access page of your storage zone in the bunny.net dashboard.


API Key Notice

Note that the storage API will not accept your global bunny.net API key or a stream API key, as those are intended for the stream API and the bunny.net API.