API Overview

Edge Storage


Learn how to use the bunny.net Edge Storage API. It allows you to easily upload, download and delete files with just a few lines of code.

API libraries:

These libraries allow quick integration for bunny.net Edge Storage.

Storage Endpoints:

The storage API endpoint depends on the primary storage region of your storage zone. You can also find this in the FTP & HTTP API Information of your storage zone.

  • Falkenstein: storage.bunnycdn.com
  • New York: ny.storage.bunnycdn.com
  • Los Angeles: la.storage.bunnycdn.com
  • Singapore: sg.storage.bunnycdn.com
  • Sydney: syd.storage.bunnycdn.com


Header name: AccessKey

The storage zone password also doubles as your API key. You can find it in your storage zone details page in the bunny.net dashboard.


API Key Notice

The Stream API uses its own authentication keys. Authenticating via the bunny.net account API key will not work.